The challenges at a healthcare staffing firm like yours can vary greatly day to day and even from role to role. But across all these challenges, one goal remains constant: a desire to be more efficient. And in 2018, you can't have efficiency without technology.

In this webinar, I walk through a day-in-the-life of a firm like yours, drawing from interviews and experiences with nearly 100 healthcare staffing firms. You’ll learn about four key technologies that will improve your speed and staff productivity across the healthcare staffing workflow, and help you:
  • More proactively manage relationships, including how recruiters and account managers interact with VMS reqs
  • Improve the candidate experience and redeploy more qualified workers
  • More efficiently manage shifts and connect with providers
  • Execute your growth strategy—then track and measure it 
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Bill Hobbib

VP, Product Marketing

Scott Riehl
Senior Director, Point B 

Scott has close to 20 years of consulting experience leading business development and implementation efforts in multiple industries including Media and Entertainment, Financial Services, Retail, and Healthcare. He specializes in leading large, transformational initiatives that span across multiple business verticals. 

Dion Dunn
Partner, Centric Consulting

Dion brings 12 years of experience in consulting roles, including implementations of ERP, business process improvement initiatives, and Six Sigma deployments. His work represents a wide range of industries including the banking, nonprofit, manufacturing, healthcare, and insurance sectors. 

Colleen O'Malley

Delivery Manager, Training

Colleen has been with Bullhorn since 2011, and now heads up the Training and Content Development Team. Colleen is currently spearheading an initiative to create NextGen training at Bullhorn. This new innovative approach to training is designed to give Bullhorn customers a world class training experience through brain-friendly learning techniques and highly engaging content. 

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