In order to acquire top talent, companies need to focus on the candidate experience, ensuring they optimize every element of candidate attraction, engagement, and conversion.

Candidate attraction to conversion analysis is crucial in reducing staffing company's cost, effort, and time to hire, as well as an essential part of building a candidate brand. Understanding what brought a user to you, why they're there, and how to engage them is how staffing firms can meet the moment in the ongoing competition for talent.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The connected user journey within the candidate attraction lifecycle
  • Best practices for engaging a hesitant candidate pool
  • How Staffing Future can help your firm to build a connected recruiting strategy
Alex Somers
VP Partnerships
Staffing Future

Alex Somers is the VP of Partnerships at Staffing Future managing our 100+ partnerships and integrations with 10+ years of experience in the staffing technology industry.  

Jack Copeland
Co-Founder and CEO
Staffing Future

Jack Copeland is one of the co-founders of Staffing Future, a staffing website development, software development, and technology stack consultancy, with 45 years of combined experience in building, developing, and managing technology solutions. The team has built over 700 staffing agency websites and developed innovative technology solutions to create websites that convert traffic through automation, integration, and re-engagement modules.

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