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Candidates now expect a streamlined journey, with hyper-relevant, personalised digital touchpoints and human interactions. But how can you meet those expectations without increasing your overhead costs and diluting your profit margins?

Join Chris Wirt, Vice President of Sales at Daxtra and Patrick Davis, VP, Technology at The Davis Companies to discuss:

  • How to lay the foundations for a strong automation strategy
  • How to ensure your data is working for you
  • And tips and tricks for leveraging automation from sourcing through redeployment

If you are working towards transformation and need to increase the ROI from your tech stack, this conversation is perfect for you.

Chris Wirt
Vice President of Sales

Chris Wirt joined Daxtra in 2018, bringing with him seven years’ experience helping businesses implement software solutions to improve processes and increase efficiency. He started working in the recruitment technology space in 2014 at Snagajob, where he helped organizations develop and implement job advert strategies to reduce drop-off, as well as ATS and electronic onboarding solutions.

Chris brought this passion for streamlining processes to Daxtra, where he helps customers solve their staffing challenges. Chris heads up the US Sales Team – he studied Spanish at university and is a bilingual Spanish speaker. He’s also a keen golfer.

Brian Vesce
Co-founder, CEO

Matt is CloudCall’s Chief Marketing Officer. Matt is a strategic, data driven Sales and Marketing leader with a solid track record in scaling high growth tech-businesses. Matt’s previous senior leadership roles have been at companies such as Microsoft, Nokia and Orange. He’s experienced in both large Corporations and Start-ups. Building enduring global brand propositions through inspiring and leading teams in executional excellence.

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