Every year Bullhorn surveys over 1000 recruitment leaders to understand and educate on the key challenges recruiters are expecting to face over the following 12 months.

We’ve teamed up with Xref to deliver a webinar that looks at both the Bullhorn 2018 Recruitment Trends Report and the Xref Recruitment Risk Index to review what the UK recruitment sector has experienced in 2018, how to manage these challenges moving forward, and what we are likely to experience in the coming year.

During the webinar, Bullhorn's Leah McKelvey and Xref's Rob Smith discussed:

  • Talent acquisition in a candidate driven market
  • Managing economic uncertainty
  • Driving productivity & profitability

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Leah McKelvey

VP, Global Enterprise Strategy & Operations, Bullhorn

Rob Smith

Senior Sales Manager, Xref

Charlie Rodger

Demand Generation Manager, Bullhorn

Alex van der Valk

Solutions Consultant, Bullhorn

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